Noirvember 2015 Day 1- Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)

Hello felllow classic film/ Noirvember fans! To begin my film blogging, I’ve decided to try and blog about each noir I watch (this one is a brief post, with not much detail!). The first noir for Noirvember 2015 I watched was Where the Sidewalk Ends, (1950) starring Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews


                                              (Photo from Wikipedia)

I was really excited to watch this film, as I had previously watched the two actors in Laura (1944). Gene and Dana have such amazing chemistry together (no wonder they made five films together!) and I think they are both very underrated actors from the Golden Era.

In general, Dana Andrews is just so handsome and is one of only a handful of men who can actually rock a fedora and overcoat look! {next to Cary Grant, William Powell, Humphrey Bogart, and Mr Nathan Page of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries}. The lovely Gene Tierney is wonderful in this role- not as mysterious as her most famous character Laura, but in this film I think of her to be a guiding force to Dana’s character- someone who will encourage him to do the right thing. Ms. Tierney also wears some amazing pieces designed by her then husband, Oleg Cassini.


I personally thought the film to be so good, I ordered it from Amazon the next day!!!

In the film, Mr. Andrews plays a Police Detective, Mark Dixon, but he soon finds himself on the opposite side of the law when he accidentally kills a man, Ken Paine, in self defense. Dixion does get rid of the body, but then fate takes a turn when he is assigned to find Paine’s killer! Not wanting to get caught, he pins the blame on an old enemy (Tommy Scalise), but by doing so, he inadvertently puts the suspicion on cab driver Jiggs Taylor. And things really start to get complicated when Dixon falls for Morgan- Paine’s estranged wife- and Jiggs’ daughter!!!!

Will Dixon confess and come clean? or will he put his position on the line and keep up his story? And what will Morgan ever think if she finds out he put the blame on her father?

Watch and Find out!!!


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