Noirvember 2015- Leave her to Heaven (1945)

Hello again fellow Classic movie and Noirvember fans! Deciding I don’t have time to blog about all the Noirvember films I watch, I’ve decided to review ones I really really love. Other non- noirs will follow soon, as there are many films I love! 😉

Anyways today’s brief (I need to do these earlier in the day!) review will be about a noir, another Gene Tierney flick, the 1945 Twentieth Century Fox smash box office hit (and now classic!) Leave Her To Heaven. Also Starring Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Crain, and Vincent Price this beautifully shot Technicolor Oscar winning film (best color cinematography- yes, indeed!!) was Fox studio’s highest grossing picture of the 1940s!

                                                        (Photo Wikipedia)

The always wonderful Ms. Tierney stars as Ellen Berent, a character that is a true femme fatale- one that gives Gilda a run for her money!

When we first meet Ellen on the train, she meets novelist Richard Harland (Wilde), a handsome writer- and automatically falls for him- enough to make her forget her fiance, Russell Quinton (Vincent Price, yep, he’s jilted, again). As Ellen and her family arrive at the lake house, she and Richard do grow closer and very fast too- after all Ellen loves him very, very much- so much in fact, she goes crazy jealous when he talks to his own brother Danny, and is green with envy when he casually talks with Ruth… her sister. Richard and Ellen eventually marry, but not even marriage is enough for Ellen, in terms of ensuring Richard is hers… and only hers. How far is Ellen willing to go? Here’s the short and simple version of her plan! A- get rid of the brother, B: get rid of their (eventual) child and C: remove her sister from the picture.

(Photo from DVD Beaver) Ellen.. beautiful, loving….and jealous

How she does it (if she does it!) and what happens after I won’t tell, but lets just say Gene Tierney deserved to win that Oscar (really, Joan Crawford wins? why!) and the ending reveals a shocking confession from one of our main characters. I say everyone must see this film! Its wonderful and a fantastic color noir!

Oh and a final piece of advice.. when it comes to swimming, never ever push yourself too far  😉

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