Liebster Award


I would like to first thank The Wonderful World of Cinema for the Liebster Award- Thanks so much Ginnie – considering my blog is still so new. Below are the questions, and my 11 randoms tidbit. And in honor of the country this award comes from- (Ich lernte Deutsch in der Schule seit 3 jahre) Danke schön!  Ihr seid sehr toll! Fröhliche Weihnachten und Frohes neues Jahr!!!

The Wonderful World of Cinema’s Questions

1- If you had to “promote” a not too well known classic film, what will be your choice? Definitely a little hidden gem of a film called Apartment for Peggy (1948). It’s a cute story- Bill Holden plays a GI married to Jeanne Crain and Edmund Gwenn plays a retired elderly, but kind professor named Henry Barnes. Henry is contemplating suicide but is given a new look on life when a pregnant Jeanne Crain and husband, college student Bill Holden move into his attic.  The film has a post WWII feel to it and its a great look at what life was like for young people during that era. It makes you realize young people today have the same struggles as people back then.


2- You are participating to the making of a film. What’s your job? I would like to be a producer or maybe a scriptwriter- something involved in the creative process but not the head honcho- I’m more of a wingman/ right hand type of person.

3- Do you share your birthday with one of your favourite movie stars? If yes, who? Sadly no- but I am darn close to Ingrid Bergman’s- mine’s Aug 27

4- What is your favourite movie score? Tough- The score in Leave her to Heaven (1945) is really good- but I also love the score (and soundtrack) of Sleeping Beauty (1959)

5- How many films per week do you usually watch? Four or Five films- I have a ton on my watchlist- but its more a problem of finding a source to watch them- thankfully there is TCM and Amazon- I always end up buying films to watch!

6- What do you think is the most CREATIVE movie ever made and why? Another tough one- maybe Charade (1963)- it doesn’t make sense if you explain it to someone verbally, but then you sit down to watch and its genius. The plot is just so well crafted and the film is visually stunning- there’s a lot of creativity in planning the story and then viewing it on screen

7- Do you have a child name after a certain movie star or movie character? Or are you planning this for your future kid (if you plan to have one, or many!). Sadly- I’m not named for anyone famous! I don’t want children- but I love the name Dorothy. I want to name a future dog “Lombard” and maybe a second one “Gable”

8- How much does classic films influence your everyday life? Much more than I even begin to imagine. I try to emit some of the classiness found in the films that I watch into my everyday life- I use the words “swell” or “darling” way more than the average young adult. I think everyone should try to live life though the films they watch. Life should imitate art and vice versa.

9- What are you planning to do to honour Olivia de Havilland’s on her centennial next July? 😉By watching her films! I haven’t seen too many of her pictures and I will have to watch one of them with her and Errol Flynn

10- What do you enjoy the most about blogging? “Meeting” new people and learning new information. I like belonging in a place with people who have the same interests as me- I don’t know people who like classic film and old Hollywood in my everyday life!

11- Do you have any advises, suggestions for future bloggers? Don’t be afraid to get out there and have fun. I’ve only been blogging weeks (maybe a month or so) but I’m having the time of my life! It’s a great way to become more involved and connect with others who share the same hobby you do

11 tidbits about me

1- My other main interest is the British Royalty- I’m American but I love the Royal family. Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) is my role model!

2- I watch a lot of costume Drama TV series- due to my love of history

3- One day I want to go to Australia and also the UK- been dreams of mine for a long time

4- My favorite flavor for anything sweet is Vanilla- I don’t eat chocolate

5- Tea is my favorite beverage

6- I got through both of my required science classes for college without a textbook- and still got As in both classes

7- In 4th grade we had an assignment to write a letter to a famous person and then we were to mail them out- while my classmates wrote to people like Hilary Duff or the then President Bush, I wrote to Julie Andrews.

8- If I were to be a film star, I would want a career like Ginger Rogers- she can do act, sing and  dance and play any role in any genre

9- When it comes to modern day actors and actresses, I prefer the talent of British, Irish, and Australian performers, rather than American.

10- Clara Bow is my favorite silent actress

11- I consider myself a “wannabe” flapper because I don’t want my hair to be that short!


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