We’ll Always Have Paris- The Classic Quote Blogathon

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Ilsa: But what about us?

Rick: We’ll always have Paris. 

Ranked at #43, it’s just one of the six quotes from Casablanca that made the AFI Top 100 List. And to this day it remains one of the most romantic, yet heartbreaking quotes ever to be spoken on the silver screen.

“We’ll Always Have Paris” was one of Rick Blaine’s (Humphrey Bogart) final lines from Casablanca and is the second to last piece of dialogue he speaks to Ilsa Lund (the lovely Ingrid Bergman). It’s just a simple little phrase, but in it, he means so much- as it’s all about the backstory behind his words.

For all of you who love Casablanca, (and that’s like 99.99% of us) we all know that Rick’s words are of course referring to the glorious days he and Ilsa spent in Paris before his heartbreaking heartbreak. The car ride, romantic boat trips, the dancing, singing and drinking by piano (with Sam, naturally)- all of the fun and romantic moments that made Rick and Ilsa’s short romance memorable. They’ll Always Have Paris! 


For Ilsa, even though these words are hard to hear, its almost as if its a reassurance that Rick will never forget his time with her and he will always remember their shared, happy memories.

Behind the scenes, this quote  was most likely written in at the last minute, as during production, both the writers and the actors didn’t know what would happen in the end. They weren’t sure who was going to end with who, who would leave, or who would stay. The production code would not allow for Ilsa- who was still married woman- to end up with Rick if her husband was still alive, so a possible ending was set up with Laszlo being killed off. In the end, however, the writers decided to keep the ending from the original play- with Rick sending Ilsa and Laszlo off at the airport. Using this ending also allowed for a surprise twist for viewers and a strong character action for Rick- for he’s giving up the girl for more important work to be done.

Over the years, “We’ll always have Paris” has become a cultural staple. Its been used at the name of several TV episodes (including episodes of Star Trek- The Next Generation and American Horror Story- Asylum ), is the name of at least two songs (By the band Commander Venus and the group Cherry Poppin’ Daddies) and has even been parodied. For instance, in Full House season 5 episode 15 “Play it Again, Jesse”, (which is a misquote of another famous Casablanca quote) the character of Danny Tanner is saying goodbye to his girlfriend Vicky,who is taking a new job in Chicago-as Vicky and Danny say goodbye, she tells him “we’ll always have the terminal lounge”. In The Vampire Diaries season 4 episode 8- the title of the episode is “We’ll always have Bourbon Street”.

And who can forget the latest use of the phrase- as a symbol of hope for the devastating Paris Bombings.

So my classic film fans, no matter what happens – remember that.. As time goes by… We’ll Always Have Paris! 

4 thoughts on “We’ll Always Have Paris- The Classic Quote Blogathon

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  2. I love Casablanca. There are so many great lines. It’s not surprising that 6 lines made the AFI list. What is surprising is that it came together as well as it did, with the film being rushed into production and rewritten daily. That the came with a line as cogent as, We’ll always have Paris, is a minor miracle.

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