The Golden Boy Blogathon- Sabrina

Little late for posting- my tweet from the Valentine’s day 2016 airing of Sabrina on TCM
No caption needed

8 thoughts on “The Golden Boy Blogathon- Sabrina

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  2. Ahah I both love and hate Bill in this film! I want to be angry at him, but when he smiles I just can’t because he’s too adorable!! Thanks so much for your article, it was a real enjoyment! And thanks to your participation to the blogathon! 🙂

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    1. Juliet

      I totally agree with your comment Virginie….Yes he played a real cad and one that you wanted to have a bit of a mishap(apart from the glass splinters in his backside) but when he smiled that was it. That smile was a deadly weapon and boy he knew how to aim it!!! I really enjoyed the movie….it was light hearted and harmless.

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      1. The Flapper Dame

        @Ginnie and @Juliet I agree with you both! If any other actor would have played David- it could have been a forgettable part and we would have really hated him- but because Its Mr Holden in the part of course we love him- even as a spoiled rich jerk- it just proves the smile owned by William Holden is a force to be reckon with and it makes woman swoon- even today!!!!


    1. The Flapper Dame

      Born yesterday 1950- bill in glasses is hot! Also sunset blvd- obivious reasons and also the country girl- stalag 17 is great!!! Have fun discovering Bill- oh almost forgot Apartment for Peggy- awesome and terribly under-rated

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    2. atlantaloves

      I thought Audrey and Bill had a love affair while making Paris When it Sizzles? Am I wrong, not on Sabrina. Oh, and can I just say that Bogie was so handsome in this film, I would absolutely go walking in the rain with him in Paris, a very proper rain. Flapper dame, you and I have the same taste in movie stars, the perfect taste! Love you site.


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