Classic Movie Ice Cream Social- The Awful Truth (1937)


This blogathon is hosted by the always fun loving Movies Silently, in order to “Cheer Up” the year! Ice Cream has always been considered a treat, and what better than to pair along ice cream with classic films!

My entry for a film that cheers me up is The Awful Truth (1937) starring my favorite , Cary Grant and Irene Dunne. This was the first of three pictures the pair made together.

What is it about The Awful Truth that makes me “cheer up” ? Well lots of things!

For starters CARY GRANT. YOUNG, HANDSOME and COMEDIC CARY GRANT. There are many scenes where he just makes me crack up. First, we have the scene of him at the piano with “Mr Smith” (or is it Asta??)- playing to annoy Irene Dunne while she’s trying to talk with her new suitor (Ralph Bellamy).

Then there’s the dancing scene- you know where he makes Irene dance (well attempt to ..) with Bellamy’s character- then pays the band leader to play the same number again. And of course we have the “Chair” scene in which he falls back and embarrasses himself at Irene’s concert recital! It gets me every time

Cary is well amused!

Finally there is the chemistry of Grant and Dunne- it’s just magical and it certainly makes me smile- they are too cute together. Irene is just marvelous at matching Cary Grant insult for insult- and even manages to one up him at certain parts (the ‘sister’ Lola scene)!

Overall, I play this film whenever I need a smile- and I know I can count on Cary Grant and Irene Dunne to deliver it! My Favorite Wife (1940) is also a great one- but The Awful Truth is just the best!


10 thoughts on “Classic Movie Ice Cream Social- The Awful Truth (1937)

  1. I adore this glorious screwball comedy. I have but one gripe: Grant’s character lied and probably cheated; Dunne’s did not. And the film never fully admits the disparity, acting as if they’re both equally to blame for their messy marriage.

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  2. Lovely article Emily! You couldn’t choose a better film for this blogathon! I love the scene when Cary Grant plays piano with Mr. Smith as well and also the one when Irene Dunne sings the “Gone with the Wind” song. Don’t forget to read my entry as well! 🙂

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    1. The Flapper Dame

      Totally understandable!! And yeah I’m doing a three stooges short- “Disorder in the Court” for my entry- It’s gonna be for my Dad- He loves the Stooges!!!

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  3. To be honest, for me nearly EVERY Cary Grant film is a feel-good watch. There’s something about him that’s just so…. soothing! Anyways, this one is a particular treat, I love how Irene is able to give back everything she gets.


  4. I also love the chair scene, but time and time again I’m reminded of Cary’s and Irene’s feud at the court in order to see who gets the custody of the dog Mr. Smith – it’s so much fun, and something that happens often nowadays.
    Don’t forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! 🙂


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