Sleeping Beauty (1959)- Royalty on Film Blogathon


OK so I’m slightly late for my own blogathon- but its alright! For my second entry for my own blogathon I’m talking about one of my all time favorite Disney movies ever, his masterpiece Sleeping Beauty (1959).

As a little girl, I loved Princess Aurora for two reasons- 1-her signature song Once Upon a Dream  ( I sang this all the time at home- probably annoyed my parents in the process) and 2- She wore a PINK dress- as I love to wear pink dresses, we were totally twinning!

However the one thing that freaked me out completely was Maleficent- she scared me so much as a kid- I wouldn’t watch her scenes- I would cower and look away.

Although my favorite Princess is Ariel, I felt more connected with Aurora because for some reason I thought you really could be a Princess. I knew I couldn’t be a mermaid, so I settled for being a Princess. Today as a young adult I love the story Sleeping Beauty tells. Good vs Evil, the love story, the amazing animation- it really is Disney’s masterpiece. And Yes- today I an fully watch Maleficent’s scenes (but I will admit I AM still scared of the Evil Queen/ Hag from Snow White (1937) – still to this day… at almost 20 years old).

Recently I learned some cool facts surrounding Sleeping Beauty– maybe you didn’t even know some of them-

  •  Prince Phillip (the first named Disney prince) was named for Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh, as it was a name American audiences would be familiar with
  • The appearance of Aurora was based on Audrey Hepburn- note the slender figure!

  • The voice of Princess Aurora is STILL ALIVE! Her name is Mary Costa- she was just 22 when casted and is from Tennessee- meaning- yep that European accent is total acting! (and she does it wonderfully) Ms. Costa became a Disney legend in 1999.
Miss Mary Costa!
  • Look at this sweet pic! Makes me say Awww.. (Top-from the film, Bottom, voices of Aurora and Phillip

“Sleeping Beauty
Bill Shirley (The voice of Prince Phillip) and Mary Costa (The voice of Princess Aurora)

Overall, I think Sleeping Beauty is the most regal of all the Disney Princesses and certainly is one of my most favorite films ever! Disney had really put his heart into the project and all these years later it still shows!

6 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty (1959)- Royalty on Film Blogathon

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  2. What a dreamy finish to a charming event!

    I was also scared of Maleficent as a little kid, so you’re not alone. It was always that creepy green glow that leads Aurora up the stone steps that stuck with me. I didn’t know about Prince Philip or the Audrey Hepburn inspiration, very interesting.

    Great job on everything! This post, and Young Victoria, and coordinating the event, and coming up with a terrific theme for a blogathon, you’ve really nailed it. Three cheers for Princess Emily!

    Liked by 1 person

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