MY 4th Liebster- Retirement of the Award

Hello all! First I am so sorry I have neglected to see that Little Bits of Classics has given me my 4th Liebster award- THANKS SO MUCH. And I have an announcement to make- I will be retiring the Liebster award from this blog– I know some people say by 5- But I’m going to be unique.

Alas, even though I have retired this award, I will answer the questions one last time– I will not be giving any out. In future, if I do receive any noms, I will humbly take them, but will politely tell the nominator that I have retired the award from this blog. 

Without further ado, I give you The Flapper Dame’s Liebster Swan Song!

  1. Which five actors do you wish had played together in a movie once (it’s not a problem if they didn’t live at the same time)? Grace Kelly, Henry Fonda along with Audrey Hepburn in a love triangle- that would be cool. And James Stewart in the mix- make it a love square- with Claude Rains overseeing everyone as a cupid/ land lord/ boss like figure. 
  2. Which movie do you think should never have made it into AFI’s top 100 listStalag 17-Easy! EDIT- A film that I think should not be on- Um.. How did West Side Story (1961) make it on?
  3. Whose life would you like to see a biographical movie on? Ohh- Good one- I’d like to see Cary Grant’s- but no one could play Cary because he’s Cary
  4. Which completed TV series do you wish had another season? House of Elliot (1991-1993)- IT NEEDS A PROPER FINISH
  5. How early do you start writing an entry for a blogathon? Depends on how much school work I have- it comes first! 
  6. Which movie star would you have liked to visit at his or her home? Carole Lombard (and Clark Gable’s) because why not! I love them!
  7. What is the favourite movie of your parents? Mommy- The Crow (1994) And Daddy- Full Metal Jacket (1987)
  8. During which movie’s shooting would you have liked to be a fly on the wall? The Quiet Man (1952)
  9. Is there an actor or an actress who you’ve seen in every single movie they’ve ever appeared in? So close for Grace Kelly- Just need to see Fourteen Hours (1951)
  10. Whose Oscar ceremony speech is your favourite? Audrey Hepburn’s- so genuine
  11. Who did you receive your latest Liebster Award from? Little Bits of Classics (Obviously) but before that- The Cinematic Frontier

AND with that, my fellow cinema bloggers, this concludes my run with the Libester Award– its been fun and I’ve answered some cool thought provoking questions. 

Thank YOU all for the 4 nominations! And I look forward to writing up my next post which will hopefully be soon!!!! See you all at the next blogathon event! 

2 thoughts on “MY 4th Liebster- Retirement of the Award

  1. It’s an honour that you end your “Liebster career” with my award, and it makes me really happy that you decided to answer my questions! I have never seen Stalag 17 before, but you made me curious! And which movie do you think should not be in AFI’s list? 🙂

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  2. Phyl

    Fourteen Hours is the only film of Grace’s I haven’t seen either. My favorite Oscars speech is Sidney Poitier, though I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Hepburn’s… *gets on youtube*

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