Daisy Kenyon- Joan Crawford Blogathon


9 thoughts on “Daisy Kenyon- Joan Crawford Blogathon

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  2. Terrific review! I’ve always really liked this movie, mostly because Dana Andrews manages to make a kind of sleazy character into somebody who becomes a serious contender in the love triangle. I’m so glad FX came to your rescue!

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  3. I’ve watched “Daisy Kenyon” today thanks to this post ! (good work, Emily!) I empathize with Daisy’s struggle to choose between both men—I had no idea what she was going to do even as we were getting down to the last 7 minutes of the film! I have heard that Otto Preminger was a tough director for actresses to get along with—I wonder how comfortable Joan Crawford was working with him? She did a great job in yet another “independent career woman” role of the 1940s—she plays this type of character well. She did a great job of playing the shop girls in the early 30s, the career woman in the 40s (Mildred Pierce, anyone?), and even through the 50s in films such as “The Best of Everything”.

    I have long admired her screen work from the 1920s-50s, and I have learned to separate the knowledge about her personal life from her work as an actress. I have been able to compartmentalize my feelings regarding Woody Allen’s career work/personal life as well. Just because someone is a great artist, doesn’t mean they will make a great husband/wife, parent, or friend.

    Thanks again for the wonderful post—it made me watch it today, and I’m so glad I did! I didn’t watch it on FX movie channel, but I did get to see 2 retro films on that channel this week: “Whirlpool” and “The Alligator People”! I was glad I saw both! 🙂

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