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A lot of you who read my blog may know that I love Grace Kelly– as not only is she a princess and an old Hollywood actress, but she is also lovely, wonderful, classy, elegant, serene, and one of the most magnificent ladies ever to walk the earth. For every great lady, there is a designer for whom they act as a muse to. For Grace Kelly, that designer was none other than the talented and gifted Edith Head. So when it came time to do a Blogathon hosted by Christina (over at her awesome blog) about character costumes, I had to participate to write about Grace and Edith!!

Yes, Edith Head dressed practically everyone in Hollywood during her amazing and impressive career, but to me, Grace and Edith together is the definition of “designer and client.” They go together just like The Duchess of Cambridge and Alexander McQueen or Audrey Hepburn and Herbert de Givenchy.

Although Grace wore her most famous outfit (her wedding dress!) by the MGM designer Helen Rose no one knew how to dress Grace better than Edith.  Ms. Head designed the wardrobe for Grace in two of her Hitchcock films (which were her best performances!) as well as The Country Girl and The Bridges at Toko-Ri.

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In Rear Window, Grace’s character Lisa Carol Freemont wears this amazing black and white chiffon number- and even today, its stylish- the heels, the A-Line skirt, and the top and bottom design that is made to look like two separate pieces- it’s absolutely timeless.

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Another outfit I just adore to death is the Black dress in Rear Window– again timeless, and it may not be flashy but it doesn’t need to be! It’s simple, yet extremely stylish- its my definition of a little black dress.

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And finally my other favorite from Rear Window is the printed dress Grace wears while examining Thorwald’s apartment. It’s an unusual dress Edith designed as she normally chose not to use prints for fear of the print becoming aged as people looked back on it, but yet again, Edith proved her eye for style, for it hasn’t aged a day- it’s fabulous!!!

Image result for to catch a thief blue              Image result for to catch  athief white

In To Catch a Thief, Edith perfectly matched Grace’s (well Frances Stevens!) eyes in this wonderful blue gown. However, the real eye catching winner in my view was definitely the white ensemble (I do realize the gold ball gown is the favorite of many but I believe it’s this white one that does it for me!)

Aide from the movies, Edith also designed some wonderful personal outfits for Grace including her legendary teal Oscar dress, as well as her suit she wore when departing for her honeymoon.

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Once Grace left for Monaco, the two did stay close as evidenced by this picture below (thanks to Grace and family Tumblr, left and, right) Image result for edith head grace and family tumblr

Thanks for there is also this darling note from Grace to Edith!

Has there ever been a more charming friendship between an actress and designer? I think not!


10 thoughts on “Character Costume Blogathon

  1. That is lovely how they always stayed friends and kept in touch! I love the black and white chiffon from Rear Window…though they are all stunning. It’s amazing how timeless they all look, as you say.

    Grace Kelly always seemed to me – even more so than Audrey Hepburn (though she certainly does to) – to personify class, elegance and the essence of dressing well. Now I realize, after reading your post, that when I’m thinking of Grace Kelly and her fashion, I’m also thinking of Edith Head. 🙂

    I’m so glad you could join us in the blogfest!

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  3. Great post! I absolutely adore the dresses in Rear Window but had never given any thought as to who the designer was, so it’s a real pleasure to know that there was a friendship between them. That black and white number – the top picture – is my favourite dress of all time. I so wish I lived in a time (and class of society!) where we dressed like that! Now I must watch the film again…


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  5. I think Grace’s first costume in Rear Window is the most iconic in her whole career! I’ll pay attention to what she wears in The Country Girl when I watch it.
    And it was so cool to know that Grace and Edith remained friends!
    Don’t forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! 🙂

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