Golden Boy Blogaton- Apartment For Peggy

Chemistry never looked more interesting!

WIth Ms Crain; they are so fabulous together!!!

This film is a rarity, but to me its a hidden gem- it’s so cute! and rarely on TV- so the next time it’s on TCM WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!  Please!!!!!

As for you Mr Holden, as this, today , the date of this post, would have been your 99th birthday, I have this to say: You’re one of my favorite actors, and while not everyone may know who you are, to me you’ll always have a place in my heart, and in my life. Your movies are timeless, and I understand why the late Mr Robert Osborne considered you his favorite- like he said you spoke “always an honest word” when you were on screen. Happy Birthday, and as always, I bet you’re still good lookin’.

5 thoughts on “Golden Boy Blogaton- Apartment For Peggy

  1. Great post as always! Thanks for teaching me about a Holden film I haven’t yet seen! I hope to catch “Apartment for Peggy” on TCM, and have it on my radar now.

    By the way, In honor of Bill’s birthday, I watched “Executive Suite” tonight! 😀


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