Lana Wood: Audio Interview! (2016)

Hey everyone! Happy 2021 and do I have a little treat for you guys! Remember waaay back in 2016 (which seems like a lifetime ago) when I met Lana Wood at the Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge IL? (if you missed it or need a refresher read about it here!) Well as it turns out, during the interview portion of her visit, I, from the audience, was voice recording her interview on my old, old phone. After transferring to two phones (to keep it with me!), and then to my laptop, I have now converted the audio to be YouTube friendly and uploaded it just last month!

I only managed to get 14.5 minutes of what was nearly 45 minutes, but what I managed to get turned out not only to be clear and listenable, but also interesting and insightful. She begins by talking about John Wayne and talks about her experience on set of The Searchers. I am sorry I didn’t capture more, and it cuts off just before the Q and A. I personally DID ask Ms. Wood a question, but didn’t think about recording myself at the time!

Anyways, now, I am happy to share it with all of you! Happy listening and Happy 2021 everyone!

One thought on “Lana Wood: Audio Interview! (2016)

  1. Walter S.

    Flapper Dame. I enjoyed this Q & A with Lana Wood very much. Also, I think it was really neat that you were able to meet and talk with her. It was nice that she had such nice comments concerning Jeffrey Hunter, who has been a favorite of mine ever since I first viewed his TV show TEMPLE HOUSTON(1963-64) back in the day. Jeff Hunter is remembered by many as portraying Captain Christopher Pike in the original pilot for the STAR TREK series, which was filmed in December, 1964. Hunter was in another John Ford directed Western titled SERGEANT RUTLEDGE(filmed 1959, released 1960), which is well worth watching.

    Lana Wood, I think, was really good in the acclaimed TV Miniseries QB VII(1974) and she has said that she is very proud of her work in it.

    Stay safe and healthy.

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