10 Favorite Childhood Movies

Hi all and happy August 2021. I admit, August is always a fun and fast month for the year, its my birthday month after all! This year I turned 25 and I thought I could do some fun birthday celebrations on my blog! Even though on the 28, my birthday has already passed, I believe there’s no better way to keep the party going than by doing some fun posts about some of my favorite movies!

Beginning the fun series of 25th birthday posts, is a video I did on YouTube: A vlog of 10 of my favorite childhood movies… that I still love as an adult! I recently got on YouTube during the pandemic as a way to connect with fellow music fans (after all music and film are what makes life fun and exiting, right!?) but then I also started doing film videos! The curve ball to the video is, I had to choose 10 favorite childhood movies that I still adore as an adult. There are many movies I watched as a kid/ teen that today you could not pay me to watch again! (Quick brainstorm idea: perhaps in a future video- or blog post, I will share some of those titles! 🙂 )

Hope ya enjoy! Here’s, “Cheers” to our enduring childhood faves!

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