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The Flapper DameMy name is Emily and my major interests are: Classic Film, British Royalty, Reading, History. I’m a true Anglophile and dream of travelling to the UK.

I live in the Chicago area. My alter ego “Flapper Dame” refers to the fact I love the 1920s (I’ve fascinated with the era, as my maternal Grandparents were born during that decade and I was close with them) and “Dame” has a double meaning, as “Dame” is a term used to describe women back “in the day“, and its a title given to women in Great Britain.

I term myself as a “wannabe” Flapper because (1) I DO NOT want super short hair- it’s cute but not for me and (2) I’m absolutely not one for smoking– as only people back in the day could smoke and look good.

photo 4
I’m not (yet) ready for my closeup! (Oct 2001)

I was born in 1996. I have a passion for classic film and blog as a way to connect with others, as I don’t know anyone in my “real” life who likes to watch TCM!

Besides classic film, my other interests are reading novels (especially historical fiction) and making scrapbooks! I also am a bonafide “Royal Watcher” and a real Anglophile. I keep up with the British Royal Family and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) is my role model and inspiration.

Despite being American, I would rather prefer to watch TV from “Down Under” and “Across the Pond”. I love Downton Abbey, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries,  A Place to Call Home and The Doctor Blake Mysteries. I also love love “monarchy” tv shows- The Crown, Reign, The Tudors, Victoria, Versailles ! However, I will admit that Full House is a favorite, as I’ve been a fan since I was 7!

Due to my love for history I’m obsessed with costume/period Drama TV shows and movies. (I definitely was born in the wrong time!) I am so intrigued by the Renaissance and Victorian eras, but my all time favorite time period is  anything from 1900-1950s. (Yep, I was a history geek in school!)


I first started this on tumblr in November 2015, but then in February 2016, I joined WordPress to reach even more bloggers. I hope you enjoy my blog and hope you like reading it as much as I have fun making it!


Find me on Tumblr and Twitter!


Main Blog-http://flapperdame16.tumblr.com/

Secondary blog- just for classic film-  http://theflapperdamefilm.tumblr.com/ 

Twitter– @flapperdame16

Email– countessemily16@gmail.com


15 thoughts on “About Me

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  6. Love your story on My Story, funnily had a similar experience to you with Gig Young – when I first saw him in Young at Heart I was devastated to learn he was in his 60s! Must have been about 9 years old but I couldn’t get my head round it as always saw actors as the same age they were in the movie I was watching xx

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