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The Flapper DameMy name is Emily and my major interests are: Classic Film, British Royalty, and History. I’m a true Anglophile and dream of travelling to the UK.

Born in 1996, I live in the Chicago area. I have a passion for classic film and blog as a way to connect with others, as I don’t know anyone in my “real” life who likes to watch TCM! I believe 20th century lifestyles are way classier than today’s, and what better way to be schooled in that art than to watch classic movies!

My alter ego “Flapper Dame” refers to the fact I love the 1920s (I’ve fascinated with the ’20s, as my maternal Grandparents were born during that decade and I was extremely close with them) and “Dame” has a double meaning, as it is a term used to describe women back “in the day“, and its a title given to women in Great Britain.

I term myself as a “wannabe” Flapper because (1) I DO NOT want super short hair- just not my style, (2) I’m absolutely not one for smoking– only people back in the day could smoke and look good; (today it’s an absolutely horrible habit).

photo 4
I’m not (yet) ready for my closeup! (Oct 2001)

Besides classic film, my other interests are reading novels (especially historical fiction), making scrapbooks, and learning  about various topics in history. My favorite eras in history include the Renaissance and Victorian era, but my all time favorite time is the 1900-1950s. (Fact- in high school I took APUSH and AP Euro!)

I  also am a bonafide “Royal Watcher” and a real Anglophile. I keep up with the British Royal Family and often can be found studying the history of the monarchy (favorite Royal House- Tudors!!). I dream of travelling to the UK (and other parts of Europe)- so I can see many castles and palaces in person.

Despite being American, I would rather prefer to watch TV from “Down Under” and “Across the Pond” (check out my tumblr for more “TV stuff”) !


I first started this on tumblr in November 2015, but then in February 2016, I joined WordPress to reach even more bloggers. I hope you enjoy my blog and hope you like reading it as much as I have fun making it!

Thanks So Much for Visiting & Come Back Soon!


Find me on Tumblr and Twitter!


Main Blog-http://flapperdame16.tumblr.com/

Secondary blog- just for classic film-  http://theflapperdamefilm.tumblr.com/ 

Twitter– @flapperdame16

Email– countessemily16@gmail.com

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