5 Classic Films I personally don’t care for

Hi All! I hope October is treating you well! Before the Blogathon rush of November (seriously think I’m doing at least 3??!!) I thought I would do something a little bit different. Obviously, I love classic films, but not even those who blog about them can say we love every single film we watch. I’ve seen a dud or two (or many) and I wanted to share 5 films that I personally can’t get into. This isn’t to say they are, “bad”, or, “poorly made”, or that others don’t enjoy them- they are just some I don’t care for. Disclaimer: I am not bashing these in any way- and if you happen to love them, that’s truly fine- and cool you see something I don’t!! 😉 

I present to you Five Films The Flapper Dame doesn’t love:

Image result for blood and sand

1- Blood and Sand (1941)- Let me start off by saying this film has great cinematography and costumes. But I can’t get into the plot- as it’s so sloowww- nor do I really “love” Tyrone Power (NOTE: Witness for the Prosecution (1957) is an amazing film though!!!).

Image result for mcq movie

2- McQ (1974)- I LOVE JOHN WAYNE- I do- I even visited his childhood home! But- I do not like this film. It’s got a cast who don’t really gel together on top of a role that doesn’t suit John Wayne too well. I buy he can be a cop, but somehow to me it doesn’t work on this movie.

Original movie poster for the film Jamaica Inn.jpg

3-  Jamaica Inn (1939)- A Hitchcock film from the Golden Year with the cast members of Maureen O’Hara and Charles Laughton seems like it couldn’t fail- but its really bad. The plot set up seems excellent when you read the synopsis, but then you watch and it is awful. Even Mr. Hitchcock claimed the picture was horrible.

Image result for my fair lady4- My Fair Lady (1964)- Audrey is in my top 5 favorite leading ladies, yet this is not a film  I like. I know it won best picture but for some reason, I don’t enjoy it. Maybe its the dubbing of Audrey’s voice or perhaps the length of the movie- I can’t pinpoint why!



Image result for the man in the flannel suit 1956

5-The Man in the Flannel Gray Suit (1956)- I like the whole Mad Men vibe and honestly think yes- how is Mad Men not ripped off of this??- but there’s something that’s very dis-connective about the whole film- as in- yes, the flashbacks are important but they don’t seem to resonate with the present narrative. Maybe the story being told doesn’t sit well in a movie run time, and that’s why Mad Men worked as a TV show for the overall narrative.


And there you have it! Again-I mean no harm if you like these movies! I may love a film you don’t like, but that’s the beauty of films- it is what it is, yet we all see something different!

See you all for those blogathons in November!!

Honors for my Little Blog! Top 30 listed by Feedspot


Last week a list compiled by Feedspot was made up of the 30 most popular classic film blogs on the internet and I’m proud and honored to say that my little blog, The Flapper Dame ranks 30 on that list!

It’s a humbling experience and I must say- writing for classic film is a real joy in my life. When your job gets you down and irritated, and you’ve got few other hobbies, writing (and watching!) about classic films and the men/women who made them is the best escape from that.

Its also awesome a lot of my fellow writers I’ve come to know and admire made the list- The Wonderful World of Cinema, In the Good Old days of Classic Hollywood, Silver Screenings, Once upon a Screen, etc- they all have become my inspirations and encourage me to become a better writer!

Number one is of course The Classic Movie Hub- and rightfully so, as it’s seriously is the best of the best of the best from contests, to film screenings, to an encyclopedia of knowledge on every classic actor and film, Ann Marie runs the coolest website on the web!

But last but not least- I want to thank the readers- casual, devout, a one time reader passing by- you all are the reason for my ranking and for that- I”m truly in your in debt- I would have no blog if It wasn’t for you all!!!

I also wanna give a major shout out to my Mom, Sandra, who is always telling people about my blog and telling me to email my address to her friends- I really credit her for the success of the blog!

Further shout outs go to my Dad, Thomas and sister, Eliza as well as two teachers: my college speech teacher Mike Shannon and my high school AP US government teacher Mr. James Wool- for always being supportive.

And, of course my Grandfather Joseph Kasper, for introducing me to my first “movie star” John Wayne.

Without any of them this blog would not have ever happened!

Here’s to classic film bloggers and lovers everywhere!

Classic Movie Blogs

Doris Day Blogathon- Send Me No Flowers

April is here and this month there’s lots of fun things. Holden 100 for starters- but first we are kicking off April 2018 with the Doris Day blogathon. Even though I haven’t made it outwardly apparent on my blog, I must declare that I do have a lot of love and appreciation for Doris Day! (I have only seen a handful of her filmography- but I’m working my way through!)

As of this posting, she’s still with us- and is celebrating her 96th birthday- she was born the same year as my maternal grandfather-1922- and its really amazing she’s one of the last Golden era stars still standing.

Image result for send me no flowers

The very first Doris Day film I ever watched was Send Me No Flowers (1964). It is of course, her final film she did with Rock Hudson (and Tony Randall!) – and I think it was the perfect way to end their short lived, yet extremely memorable screen partnership.

The film is a bit of a different set up than their previous films- Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back- as this time they are playing a married couple.

Rock’s character George, is a hypochondriac and after a mix up in reports at the doctor’s office, he believes himself to be dying. Wanting to make sure Judy (Doris) isn’t lonely when he dies, George tries to find Judy a new husband. Tony Randall, plays their neighbor and best friend- Arnold.


Most of the humor- for me anyways- comes near the end of the movie- George admitting to Judy in the parking lot that he’s dying; Judy slapping George awake;  Arnold trying to convince George to admit his ‘affair‘; George admitting his ‘affair‘, along with Judy’s reaction- (Delores Yellowstone anyone?!) -and that’s my favorite part- as Doris getting angry looks so authentic and natural- that yes, you really do believe she and Rock are married~ and having a fight!

Related image

Another element I really adore about this film is its dated but total retroness- the outfits, the style, the typical 60s suburban setting- its just super cool the for me personally to see what’s so different, yet still the same about 60s society and style in relation to today.

Perhaps the most touching moment comes with George and Judy recalling the most fun moments they had together- no doubt no acting was required.

After Send Me No Flowers– Rock and Doris would see each other a lot of screen- but only made 2 tv screen appearances together- Rock made a quick cameo on The Doris Day Show in 1971 and then made one of his final appearances on Doris’s TV special.

Overall- I’m grateful to have seen this film first- as it really got me into watching other Doris Day movies (btw my fave is The Thrill of it All 1963) – my regret is I waited until 2016 to watch it.

SEND ME NO FLOWERS- available on DVD and blu ray

(Pictures copied from bluray.com, movieposter.com and TCM)

Free For All Blogathon- Hidden Gems

In this Free for all Blogathon, I decided to do a post of what I personally believe to be are hidden gems in the classic film world. I was inspired to write this post due to a conversation I had recently with my high school government teacher (he is also a classic movie person and we have kept in touch all these years!) about how many relatively unknown classic movies that exist out there and how they are unknown but are just as good in quality as some of the big names.

I started thinking that yes there are so many films out there that are the definition of classic- Casablanca, Rear Window, It Happened One Night, The Searchers– they are significant and I absolutely love them- but what about all those other films that get “lost in the shuffle”, if you will; films that came out in between big hits- or that came out around the same time as big hits but got overshadowed.

Which leads me to this list (with a short description)- a list of movies I think are just as good as some of the big names, but aren’t as well known- again- this is my opinion- feel free to disagree, But my main hope is this post inspires others to seek out some other films that maybe aren’t as well known or significant because you never know- some of them may just be super delightful!

Image result for love with the proper stranger

Love with the Proper Stranger (1963; Natalie Wood, Steve McQueen)- Natalie plays Angie Rossini, a salesclerk at Macy’s department store who finds herself pregnant after a one-night stand with musician Rocky Papasano (McQueen). Available on DVD and Blu Ray from Kino Lorber Studio Classics. 

I personally thought this was a great Natalie Wood movie and she certainly has great chemistry with Steve! It feels contemporary but still has that classic 60s vibe.

Image result for rings on her fingers

Rings on Her Fingers (1942; Henry Fonda, Gene Tierney)  A sales woman (Gene) at a department store works with two con artists and falls in love with a victim (Fonda) of one of their schemes.

By far not The Lady Eve, but It’s a great Gene Tierney movie and Henry Fonda is charming! It’s just a swell little picture and I need to see the other movies these two made together! 

Image result for apartment for peggy

Apartment for Peggy (1948; William Holden, Jeanne Crain, Edmund Gwenn) a depressed professor (Gwenn) whose spirits are lifted when he rents part of his home to a young couple (Holden and Crain)

My post is here if you’re interested to find out my in depth feelings towards this film! But I can say it again- I adore this movie so, so much! From the post war tone to the story, to the wonderful acting- I just love it!!
Image result for star of midnightStar of Midnight
(1935; William Powell and Ginger Rogers) When a dancer disappears from a theater, her former lover asks lawyer Clay Dalzell (Powell) to investigate, leading him on a trail of murder and deception.

Who knows- this could have been a discarded Thin Man plot- but honestly who cares- Bill and Ginger are fabulous, the mystery is good and I just love both of these actors! Plus Ginger’s outfits are gorgeous!!!

Image result for ex mrs bradfordThe Ex Mrs Bradford (1936; William Powell, Jean Arthur) A wealthy mystery writer (Jean) uses her doctor ex-husband’s (Powell) non-payment of alimony to coerce him into a reconciliation.

Again- this is a Thin Man type- plot setup- but again- who cares when Mr. Powell is solving the murder. I truly can say this one is really funny and actually has a better mystery plot than some of the Thin Mans (the later ones for sure). Jean and Bill play off so well together I love the attempts she uses to get him back; it leads to great humor! Just pure perfection!

Related imageDaisy Kenyon (1947; Dana Andrews, Joan Crawford, Henry Fonda) Daisy Kenyon (Joan Crawford) is a free spirited artist getting caught in a love triangle with Dan, a married lawyer (Dana) and Peter, a returning Vet (Fonda). Available on Blu Ray from Kino Lorber Studio Classics or 20th Century Fox DVD. 

My favorite Joan Crawford movie (and I am not a huge fan of hers). It’s got a touch of noir and a touch of melodrama and it’s so layered in its story telling- the plot could have been so thin but Otto Preminger gives the triangle a good complexity that makes you wonder if Daisy made the right choice. You may read my review here

Image result for a letter to three wives

A Letter to Three Wives (1949; Linda Darnell, Jeanne Crain, Ann Sothern) A woman who mails a letter to three women, telling them she has left town with one of their husband’s.

This movie is so intricate  for such a simple plot- for being an Oscar winner for best director and screenplay it’s sad the film has faded from the public with time. This has got a great script, great cast with again- layered characters- just as layered as those in All About Eve (which with this movie shares its writer/director; Joseph Mankiewicz) 1000% a must see!

And that’s where I’ll stop- on this post, anyways- as I really hope in the future I can add to this list. There are so many more classic movies- that aren’t big names- I still want to see and I just like to give things a chance- for you never know unless you try!

PS- To my Gov Teacher- This post is for you!


WANT THE MOVIES IN THE POST?! Amazon, or TCM SHOP  or KINO Lorber Studio Classics

The Bill Powell and Myrna Loy 2018 New Year’s Blogathon

Happy New Year out there to all of my readers and fellow classic Film fans. I’m not sure about you- but I can’t think of a better way to start the year than by reading and writing about Bill and Myrna!

I am so sorry this post is a bit late in the day- and thank you to all those who wrote in advance! Here you can properly read them all! Head over to Phyllis Loves Classic Movies for updates as well

EDIT- For some reason I cant Comment on the Blogger sites- its being goofy- but please know I have read your posts if you use that platform- Emily

Maddy Loves Her Classic Films writes Why I Adore Powell and Loy.

The Midnite Drive-In talks about the one that started the Nick and Nora duo  with In Like Thin.

Blog of the Darned tells of his personal favorite film of the series, Another Thin Man.

Charlene reviews Evelyn Prentice

Love Letters to Old Hollywood tackles why Bill and Myrna say I Love You Again.

Caftan Woman watches the second Thin Man After the Thin Man.

Critica Retro finds out what makes Bill and Myrna Love Crazy.

Hamlette’s Soliloquy  sees what made the post war years The Best Years of Our Lives.

Musings of a Classic Film Addict watches who ties the knot in  Double Wedding.

Love Letters to Old Hollywood discusses So Goes My Love.

AND I’m not as Cool as Bill Powell as Nick Charles, but “Happy New Year, Sugar!” and here’s to another great year of TCMParties, watching new to you films, watching old favorites, and of course all of the classic movies that we all know and love.


This Property Is Condemned- Actually Good!

A few months ago I hosted my Duo Double Feature Blogthon and I chose Robert Redford and Natalie Wood. However, I had only watched one (Inside Daisy Clover 1965) of their two films together, promising I’d write about their other (This Property is Condemned) when I saw it. Well this may be a month late from when I saw it, but here it is- This Property is Condemned (1966)

Honestly this is not a movie you watch for plot, per-say but one you watch for performances and good chemistry; kind of like Paris when it Sizzles (1964).

Image result for this property is condemned

With that being said- Yes, I agree when Robert Wagner cites this film as one of his favorite Natalie performances and I will say it does seem this is the better of the two Wood/Redford films. WARNING- This post contains spoilers- this is the type of movie that cannot be talked/ written about without spoiling certain scenes/plot points

Based on the one act play by Tennessee Williams, the story and plot is as follows: Told in a frame narrative by the character of Willie Starr (Mary Badham- Yes! that’s Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird) the movie is about Alva Starr (Natalie) – Mississippi small town girl longing for a big town life- she’s got a sister Willie and an embarrassing single Mother (Kate Reid) , who runs a boarding house. Redford plays Owen Legate- a drifter sort who works for the railroad- he and Alva meet when he comes to stay at the boarding house.

Related image

Naturally the two fall for each other and there is everything working against them. What follows after they meet is a bit of randomness not super relevant to plot- but again- it’s Natalie and Redford being ultra adorable with each other so- who cares what is happening.

The major thing worth mentioning in terms of the story is JJ- Mrs Starr’s boyfriend- a creep – and Mr Johnson a old, rich railroad worker who clearly wants to go out with Alva (Mrs Starr approves- as she claims he will ‘look out’ and ‘take care’ of Alva and the family)

The plot gets going when Mr Johnson wants to take the family to Memphis with Alva protesting, as she would rather join Owen in New Orleans.

LITE Spoilers- Quite possibly the weirdest part of this movie is when after Alva is denied going with Owen, and after going out to the bar with her family, JJ and Mr Johnson- she marries JJ. I think you, as the viewer, can guess after she marries, she runs away from JJ and joins Owen in NOLA.

MAJOR SPOILERS- AS IN THE ENDING OF THE MOVIE SPOILERS But it’s the ending that is the most crazy- Within the last ten-ish minutes of the movie, it is pure Natalie and Robert bliss- they are so happy and cute, they are in New Orleans- they are so wonderful- it’s everything you want between two characters who you are rooting to be together for-  Owen even proposes marriage to Alva and offers they can send for Willie once they are settled in Chicago- H o w e v e r- in the classic twist, the bliss does not last, as Alva’s mother shows up, having tracked her down, and spills that Alva is married to JJ.

Now this is where the twist gets turned on its ear- The scene continues with Redford’s character doing the whole- “Alva, she’s lying; tell me she’s lying!” bit- and Alva does run off, into the rain crying- but we never see the aftermath of the fallout–  it ends with Alva running off and Bam!!! cut straight back to Willie  where the movie began- and we hearnot see the fate of Alva – that she caught tuberculosis and died.


Abrupt- yes- shocking- yes BUT in a weird sort of way- it’s oddly satisfying because you don’t have to deal with the angst of Alva and Owen’s breakup and probably eventual reconciliation, what you remember is the happiness they had- (yes she runs out on him but it’s so fast paced you don’t have time to think about it before the film ends)


Overall, my personal feeling is this film is not that bad; I thought it would be way worse- it’s watchable and given Natalie’s overall filmography- this one is one of her better films.  If this movie was with other leads and a subpar director- I think it would have failed miserably- but with names like Wood, Redford and Pollack attached- it’s automatically better than average. My advice is to go in with an open mind, as I hesitated to believe people when they said this movie was actually good.

Image result for this property is condemned In terms of watching the performances (as I mentioned above) I simply adore Nat with Bob Redford and again I’ll say- I wish they made another movie together! Mr. Redford is soo handsome in this role and Natalie does a great job playing a southern bell (an unlikely role- given her Eastern European background).

I’m not sure when it will be on TCM next, or even when it will be out on DVD/ Blu-Ray- but if you can give this a chance- Especially if you like Natalie!

The William Powell & Myrna Loy New Year’s Blogathon

So- I was gonna call it a year on blogging with completing the Grace Kelly Blogathon this year- then Phyllis Loves Classic Movies talked me into being a co host to the Myrna Loy and William Powell New Years Blogathon.

Image result for bill and myrna

It will take place Jan 1-3 2018- the only rules are that there will be 1- No duplicates and 2- Free martinis for all! You can write about any topic you want relating to Bill, Myrna and/ or the films they made! (remember they made 14 together!)

THE List is as follows:

Maddy Loves Her Classic Films-  Why Bill and Myrna make a perfect screen couple

Realweegiemidget Reviews- Airport ’75  (1975) (Myrna Loy)

Love Letters to Old HollywoodI Love You Again (1940) & So Goes My Love (1946)

The Midnite Drive-InThe Thin Man (1934)

Movies Meet Their Match: The Great Ziegfeld (1936)

Caftan WomanAfter the Thin Man (1936)

Musings of a Classic Film AddictDouble Wedding (1937)

Critica RetroLove Crazy (1940)

Hamlette’s SoliloquyThe Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

LA Explorer- I love you again (1940)

Charlene’s Mostly Classic Movie Reviews– Evelyn Prentice (1935)

Chris Sturham- Another Thin Man (1939)


See you there! Su-gar!



Test Pilot- Three GREAT Stars IN an OK Film

picmonkey_image (2)

For this here Blogathon (hosted by My Good Friend In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood) celebrating the perfect reel-real couple of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, I chose to write about one of Spencer Tracy’s films from 1938 Test Pilot.

Image result for test pilot 1938

This choice for me is a bit of a different one. Usually I write about how much I adore a film- and everything about it- but I want to expand my reflections of film- even writing about ones I find OK or average. Even my choice of focusing on a Spencer Tracy performance is atypical for me- as he’s not a “favorite” of mine- but at the same time- I admire him and his craft.

Honestly- Its been a while since I’ve seen Test Pilot– and even more honest- it’s an OK film that I don’t even want to own for my personal collection- but it’s worth watching anyway because of the cast- no other film has had such a great trio of great actors- Clark Gable, Myrna Loy and Spencer Tracy??? It’s just what MGM wanted you to bank on back in 1938-but unlike most films that can rely on star power AND a great script- this film sadly relies more on star power—and its all thanks to the  1938 poll in which Clark was crowned King and Myrna named the Queen of the Screen.

Image result for spencer tracy test pilot

Now- I’m not criticizing the performances- Myrna is great, Gable is great, and Spencer- although playing usual second fiddle to Gable (in their second of three films together)- is great, the script and plot is just terrible- its slow and at times a bit random.

However, the actors playing off each other- that is genuine and it translates to the audience- you care about what’s going to happen because its Myrna, because it’s Clark and because it’s Spence. All three actors had a marvelous time behind the scenes- and it’s been reported that it was a favorite of both Clark’s and Myrna’s. If this film were cast with subpar actors- it would have been another forgotten B-list film that you would catch on TCM and just decide to give a shot because well, why not.

Image result for spencer tracy test pilotSpencer Tracy in this film I feel is very believable in his role of Gunner- you can relate to and believe in his friendship with Clark’s character- but at the same time- you can see the slight jealously there is between them – and that’s just what happened off screen. Luckily for us, (and both Clark and Spencer), today we can look back and appreciate the friendship that did develop between the two- it’s unlikely a friendship but a really cool one too! I confess to not seeing too many of Spencer movies outside of his Katharine co-starring films, but I do say it is one of his best non Katharine Hepburn performances (along with Boys Town, of course)

I will also say the flying sequences for the time were quite impressive. The producers even secured the backing of the US Air Corps and had real life- but uncredited- Test Pilot Sammy Wroath do the sequences. Talk about authenticity!


IN the end, Test Pilot film may not be “AMAZING” but its an important piece of Hollywood history. Fans of all three actors should watch- as it’s a great excuse to watch them in their prime- and together on screen!!

Duo Double Feature Wrap Up and Thanks!


So Everyone- The Duo Double Feature blogathon is wrapping up! But I’m still accepting posts- No rush- this isn’t school!!

I would like to say a massive Thank you to all of you who embraced this idea for a blogathon and graciously thank Phyllis Loves Classic movies for Co Hosting- after all- Even Blogathon hosts need a fabulous co host! (especially in this case! Two Stars Two Movies- Needs Two Hosts!!) 🙂

Feel free to check out all three other days if you missed and or are just interested in seeing the posts!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Jean Harlow and Bill Powell- Of Screen Magic



Again- I will keep accepting, And I will see you all soon

THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH! Emily- The Flapper Dame



Robert Redford and Natalie Wood- Double Duos Blogathon


For my own co-hosted blogathon- I decided to go with a paring I recently discovered – Natalie Wood and Robert Redford- while I have always admired Natalie- Never really have I delved into her films- until now that is!

Image result for robert redford and natalie wood

I decided to do this pairing after seeing Redford’s beautiful tribute video he narrated for TCM- I hadn’t known they met in high school or that they even made movies together- but the way Bob spoke of Natalie made me immediately want to watch Inside Daisy Clover– which aired on TCM a few days after the tribute video.

Inside Daisy Clover (1965) tells the story of Daisy Clover and her journey into 1930s Hollywood. Natalie plays Daisy- and Mr. Redford plays her leading man/fellow movie star- the “Prince Of Darkness” Wade Lewis. It should be noted this film was the start of Redford’s movie career, as according to him although he had broadway success, ‘Natalie selected an unknown to be her leading man”.

For Natalie and Bob- this film really gave them the chance to become real friends- as when they met in high school, it wasn’t a happy first meeting. As Redford recalled- he was on duty as school assembly guard when a girl, (Natalie) came running to to his door, late for the assembly, begging him to let her in. Redford, wanting to be ‘cool’ said she wasn’t allowed to go through his door and she would have to go around to the door that accommodated her last name. Natalie, ever so clever, then called him an ‘asshole’ and gracefully went around to her proper door.

It’s amazing that 10 years later they played opposite each other- and also became the best of friends. If you want real proof of it, while on set Natalie and Bob planned a surprise birthday for reserved and shy producer Alan Pakula- complete with a stripper!

                         Image result for robert redford and natalie woodImage result for inside daisy clover boat

Despite the fact Daisy Clover isn’t the best in terms of plot (yes- it’s got a good setup and a cast of Roddy McDowell, Christopher Plummer, and Ruth Gordon- but sadly in my eyes, it falls somewhat flat)- I like it-It’s worth watching just to see Wood and Redford together- their characters go through a rocky relationship but the camaraderie and closeness of them is always present. On screen Natalie and Bob have this unspoken bond that can’t be faked- it takes real friendship to create their characters’ feelings- it’s just wonderful.

I personally adore the scene of them on the boat together- Daisy is new to Hollywood and trying to cope emotionally with the stress but all it takes is Wade to come walking in for her to feel calm again. Wade’s carefree attitude is the perfect match for Daisy’s high strung personality!!

Image result for this property is condemned

The Wood-Redford reunion film- This Property is Condemned was released in 1966 (honestly I haven’t seen it yet- But it’s airing on TCM Nov 10 2017- and as a consolation- I will be writing a companion post to this post on on my thoughts of it). I can tell you this about it- It co-stars Mary Badham (Scout- in To Kill a Mockingbird) and is based off the one act play by Tennessee Williams; it also was the first time Redford worked with director Sydney Pollack.

From what I have read from other people, it seems to me that this film is the stronger of the two they did together- Natalie’s husband Robert Wagner has even said this was his favorite performance of hers.

Image result for robert redford and natalie wood
On the set of Downhill Racer

No matter what though- the bulk of Natalie and Bob’s friendship happened off screen- In 1969- Natalie married Richard Gregson (who was both her and Redford’s agent)- with Bob as best man. She then took a short break from filming movies- but that didn’t stop her from working behind the camera- as she did on the Redford film Downhill Racer (1969)– she typed scripts, was a costume consultant, and even appeared incognito as a crowd extra in certain scenes.

Natalie even made a small cameo as herself in 1972’s The Candidate– as a favor to Redford.

In the end- according to Redford- Natalie and he sadly lost touch- but he never forgot the boost she gave his career and the fond friendship they had. For Mr. Redford, Natalie taught him how to handle the emotion of being a star- and he never has forgotten it.

Take a look at the TCM tribute video to get a glimpse at this wonderful and enduring friendship

And then watch this clip of Redford reminiscing about Downhill Racer– he talks about Natalie and her encouragement when it opened to bad reviews.

Personally – I think all people should have a friendship in their life similar to Natalie and Robert’s- a mutual respect and having great care for one another is a beautiful thing.

Its interesting to think about what could have been with these two- they almost made Barefoot in the Park (1967) together; Redford was an early contender to appear in Bob&Carol&Ted&Alice (1969); and Natalie was almost cast in Mary Tyler Moore’s role in Ordinary People (1980).  On my view, would have loved to see them in more pictures- and certainly in stronger movies with better scripts.

Alas, even if the films aren’t the best- I think the bigger lesson can be seen in the friendship they shared.