My Story

This is how I got started in the world of classic film!

Classic film is a passion of mine that I believe was always embedded in me- but took time to discover, as remained “hidden” until 2013.

Me, age 5, Christmas 2001: With My Wizard of Oz Playset

It all started when I was four (2000) and I watched The Wizard of Oz, for the first time on VHS. I then fell absolutely in love with the film and Dorothy Gail became a part of me. It was then, at four years of age, I began to live my life through the movie, even though I didn’t know I was doing it- I asked for an hour glass (It sadly broke), had a pair of ruby slippers I wore all the time, and still to this day, I have a replica edition of the original version of the novel.

photo 1
Smile! You’re on Candid Camera! (c. Summer 1999)

It wasn’t long before Judy Garland became my first idol.  I will admit, the day I learned she was long dead was a major shock to me, and as a six year old, I didn’t understand how someone so good could die from something so bad. It hit hard.

After The Wizard of Oz, my second encounter with classic film didn’t come until 2005 with 1968’s Yours Mine and Ours. I distinctly recall asking my Mom if Henry Fonda was still alive- she said no- and I just remember thinking “that’s too bad” (Nowadays- I can look back and say Hank Fonda was one of my first screen crushes without knowing it). I then asked if Lucille Ball was still alive- the answer was still no- and I was shocked.

julie andrews.jpgFast forwarding to the fourth grade (which for me, was 2006), a required writing assignment was to write a letter to a famous person. While many of my peers wrote to people such as then-President Bush, Hilary Duff, or their favorite sports star, I wrote to Julie Andrews. She did send back to me a few months later- and I got her autograph.

Apart from those stars, the only other star I knew about was John Wayne– because he was my Grandfather’s favorite star. I didn’t watch his movies when I was a kid- for some weird reason- but I could name many movies he was in because my Grandfather had a VHS collection.

Then finally in June 2013 the dormant passion made itself known! The Duchess of Cambridge was on maternity leave and I was so bored because she wasn’t making any public appearances!  I then took an interest to Grace Kelly (as she’s a princess and a movie star!!) and I watched Rear Window, and it just went from there. I’m always discovering new films to see and I’m having fun learning and watching. I now proudly #TCMParty!

After watching films for about 2 years in 2015, I wanted to be more connected, so I started a tumblr, which then lead to a side tumblr just for classic film and now in 2016 I have a website. I can’t wait to discover more and learn from my fellow classic film fans!

See you on the web and at the #TCMParty!