The Star Studded Couple Blogathon- The Profane Angel and Mr Charles:

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My entry is about a possible lesser known, but still super awesome star couple (who happen to be two of my personal favorite stars), William Powell and Carole Lombard- The Profane Angel and Mr. Charles. And before you double take and look at the banner- yes I know that’s Clark and Carole- but believe me, Bill Powell wouldn’t be jealous- he and Clark were pals! And Carole- why, I’d think she’d get a kick out of it!

Carole Lombard and William Powell were married for only a short while (1931-1933), but their marriage was definitely one for the ages. They first met on the set of their first movie, Man of the World (1931), although, for Carole, she already felt she knew Powell, for she had been a fan of his and was immediately attracted to his good looks, screen persona, and not to mention, his dry but awesome sense of humor.

It wasn’t long after they met, the two entered a relationship. Many were shocked they were going together, as there were multiple differences between them.  Carole was carefree, 22, and foul mouthed (in the most classy and lady like manner of course!) while Bill was 16 years older, intellectual and sophisticated. Nevertheless, Carole defended their love stating it was the perfect “see saw” relationship.

The two were married shortly after filming their second film, Ladies Man (1931).

During the course of the marriage, Carole’s popularity increased considerably thanks to her new husband. Most of her roles were not breakout hits, but it was during this time she made No Man of her Own (1932) with Clark Gable. For the record there were no romantic feelings between the two whatsoever, and any flirting between the two was just that- platonic flirting.

For Bill, he was still about two years away from the first Thin Man, but during this time he starred in the now famous pre-codes- Jewel Robbery, One Way Passage,  and Lawyer Man (all 1932)

Despite having a good relationship with each other, in August 1933, the two decided to divorce after 26 months as man and wife. Carole initially blamed the split on their careers, but later then claimed her and Bill were “two completely different people”.

In the years to come, Carole and Bill remained a part of each others lives and even though they each found someone else- Bill was the partner of Jean Harlow until her death and later married Diana Lewis in 1940 (which of whom he remained with until his death) and Carole married Clark Gable-  they were always on the best of terms, for they truly were lifelong friends from then on. They went to horse races, danced at night clubs, and once even double dated (Jean and Bill, Clark and Carole). Although many speculated the two would get back together, Carole and Bill just enjoyed each other’s company.

They even had enough class to star opposite each other in the classic and landmark screwball comedy My Man Godfrey (1936) (seriously, who doesn’t love this film?), for Bill insisted Carole be his leading lady- NOW THAT’S CLASS EVERYONE!!!!!

IN the end, Bill and Carole defined a new way of partnership. They may have only been married for a little over two years, but they proved that marriage and divorce can’t break up a good friendship. Two very classy people indeed!!!

Pictures from wikipedia, pintrest, and IMDB. 


5 thoughts on “The Star Studded Couple Blogathon- The Profane Angel and Mr Charles:

  1. Wow, it’s great that both found their happiness in the end! I’ve seen Carole Lombard in Twentieth Century, but I’m really looking forward to watching “My Man Godfrey” one day. I should also catch up with The Thin Man series, I’ve only seen the first one…

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  2. I love both of them! I think it’s great that they were able to realize that what they had was just a really great friendship and that they maintained that after the divorce. How awful for Bill Powell to have lost both Jean and Carole so tragically. Great post!

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  3. cc

    What a great post! I’m glad to see others see Powell and Lombard as the fascinating couple they were. Even though they were divorced in August of 1933, they still continued to see each other as soon as Lombard returned with the divorce papers. When Powell was stricken with cancer, Carole Lombard helped take great care of him. Powell was said to be almost as devastated as Gable at her funeral. Powell and Lombard had a beautiful and very interesting relationship. Powell lost his other ex-wife a few months after Carole Lombard died. It was so great he fell in love one more time with Diana Lewis and married her and stayed with her for the rest of his life.

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