In Name Only 1939 Carole Lombard Blogathon

Hello all you fabulous readers and fellow bloggers! I cant think of a better way to start of 2017 than with a blogathon honoring my favorite -and yours too- blonde from Indiana, Miss Carole Lombard! For me, Carole will always have a special place in my heart- for she was the most brave and outspoken dame out there! She’s inspiring and I am so glad she’s clearly loved by those who discover her today!

For this blogathon hosted by Phyllis Loves Classic Movies and In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood, I chose to write about one of Carole’s few dramatic turns in the 1939 classic In Name Only– which also stars Cary Grant, and co stars Kay Francis and Charles Coburn.

In Name Only is significant for a few reasons- first, its from 1939, second- it has a rare on- screen pairing of two legends- Lombard and Grant, and three- the role Carole was playing was one all too familiar to her- as she was playing the woman desperately in love with a married man , Alec (Grant), trying to divorce his awful wife (Kay Francis).

In Name Only.jpg

In the end,  art imitates life (or is it the other way around?) and Carole and Cary’s characters do get together, just as Carole and Clark did in real life- a happy ending for both couples in both scenerios!


4 thoughts on “In Name Only 1939 Carole Lombard Blogathon

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  2. This blogathon has introduced me to a couple of Carole Lombard films, this being one of them. A film with Carole L and Cary Grant AND Kay Francis that I’d never even heard of?! Sheesh! Oh well, it sounds like some great viewing ahead. 🙂


  3. Diana Campa

    This is the film that introduced me to Carole Lombard and I fell in love with her. Then I saw My Man Godfrey and was amazed that she was actually a wonderful comedienne. She has been my favorite actress for many many years now.

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  4. I love this movie. I screened it for my film club as part of my “Great Films of 1939” film series. Most had never seen it, but loved it. How could they not. The performances are all great. Lombard and Grant make a great couple and Francis is the evil wife to end all evil wives. Lombard’s final showdown with Francis in the hospital is staged so well and both stars give it their all. Just a wonderful film.

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