The Young Victoria- Royalty on Film Blogathon

For my first entry for my own blogathon, I have decided to do a film that’s contemporary- but still a costume drama! The Young Victoria (2009) has been on my shelf since last year (when I finally got a blu-ray player) and I finally watched it yesterday! Hooray!

Young victoria poster.jpg

Now that I have seen it I can say: JOB WELL DONE TO EVERYONE!!! I LOVED IT!!! What’s to love you ask? Well- Julian Fellowes (and Alastair Bruce as historical adviser), Emily Blunt (of course she’s fabulous!!), Rupert Friend (yesss please), the costumes, the story, cinematography, the love story, and most of all the beginning of a story of an amazing Queen!

The Young Victoria covers the first few years of Queen Victoria’s reign. It covers the events of time from just before her accession, all the way to the birth of her first child. Of course within this, we get to see key moments in the early part of her life- her courtship with Albert (ITS SO SWEET- I’m awww-ing just thinking about it), her coronation, and wedding. There’s also some political drama, as there are many who want to control the new Queen- including the dowager Queen Adelaide and certain members in Parliament.

In short, The Young Victoria is just a snippet of the Queen’s life, but it’s so well played. I am a big fan of historical romance stories and Victoria and Albert- I think are a very interesting couple. They care for one another so deeply, it makes me forget they are actual first cousins (yes… I know.. I know).

While I won’t give it way I will say the ending to this film is super cute and very reminiscent of a certain Reign (TV-2013) scene between Mary and Francis (Yes- Let it be known I’m been a fan of the show since the day the Pilot was picked up; and I’m a hardcore “Frary” fan). If you love Mary and Francis- you’ll love the scenes of Victoria and Albert in this film- Emily and Rupert are P-E-R-F-E-C-T together as V&A!!

Of course it is a costume drama- so let’s take a look at those gorgeous ensembles! These costumes are Β to die for, and it should be noted the gowns were as historically accurate as possible. Its no wonder this film won the Oscar for Best Costume design!!

Overall, I believe anyone who loves Downton Abbey (or Reign) should watch this film (that is if you haven’t already done so). Julian Fellowes wrote the story immensely well and visually, its absolutely stunning!

So my fellow History and Film buffs, Frary fans, and fans of historical romance stories- get a hold of and watch this film!!! Her Majesty commands it!!!! πŸ˜‰

On a fun fact note- Princess Beatrice plays a Lady in waiting to Queen Victoria and her mother Sarah, Duchess of York was a producer on the project- connection to modern day royalty here!!!!!


16 thoughts on “The Young Victoria- Royalty on Film Blogathon

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    1. Mrs. Brown is so good, I’m seconding the recommendation! Turn that “eventually” into a “soon” β€” you’ll be happy you did! (And also crying buckets about Queen Victoria, so have some Kleenex handy.)

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  2. I always loved the texture of this movie, with the soft lighting and the magnificent use of costumes. It was a well-deserved win for Sandy Powell, who also did costuming for The Other Boleyn Girl, The Aviator, and Shakespere in Love.

    A fittingly regal post to kick-off a majestic event!

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  3. I absolutely LOVE this movie and LOVE Emily Blunt!!! I had no idea Julian Fellowes wrote this, or I wouldn’t have taken so long to watch Downton Abbey (I devoured the entire series last fall)!! As soon as I watched this movie I downloaded the entire soundtrack and was obsessed with Queen Victoria for a while πŸ™‚ Great post on a great movie!!!

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  4. With this film I first saw Emily Blunt, and I thought she was very good. I agree that the clothes were very beautiful – and my grandma, who was watching with me, said this too. I only thought the film was too short – I wanted to see more of Victoria’s story.
    Thanks for hosting this great event!


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