Doris Day Blogathon- Send Me No Flowers

April is here and this month there’s lots of fun things. Holden 100 for starters- but first we are kicking off April 2018 with the Doris Day blogathon. Even though I haven’t made it outwardly apparent on my blog, I must declare that I do have a lot of love and appreciation for Doris Day! (I have only seen a handful of her filmography- but I’m working my way through!)

As of this posting, she’s still with us- and is celebrating her 96th birthday- she was born the same year as my maternal grandfather-1922- and its really amazing she’s one of the last Golden era stars still standing.

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The very first Doris Day film I ever watched was Send Me No Flowers (1964). It is of course, her final film she did with Rock Hudson (and Tony Randall!) – and I think it was the perfect way to end their short lived, yet extremely memorable screen partnership.

The film is a bit of a different set up than their previous films- Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back- as this time they are playing a married couple.

Rock’s character George, is a hypochondriac and after a mix up in reports at the doctor’s office, he believes himself to be dying. Wanting to make sure Judy (Doris) isn’t lonely when he dies, George tries to find Judy a new husband. Tony Randall, plays their neighbor and best friend- Arnold.


Most of the humor- for me anyways- comes near the end of the movie- George admitting to Judy in the parking lot that he’s dying; Judy slapping George awake;  Arnold trying to convince George to admit his ‘affair‘; George admitting his ‘affair‘, along with Judy’s reaction- (Delores Yellowstone anyone?!) -and that’s my favorite part- as Doris getting angry looks so authentic and natural- that yes, you really do believe she and Rock are married~ and having a fight!

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Another element I really adore about this film is its dated but total retroness- the outfits, the style, the typical 60s suburban setting- its just super cool the for me personally to see what’s so different, yet still the same about 60s society and style in relation to today.

Perhaps the most touching moment comes with George and Judy recalling the most fun moments they had together- no doubt no acting was required.

After Send Me No Flowers– Rock and Doris would see each other a lot of screen- but only made 2 tv screen appearances together- Rock made a quick cameo on The Doris Day Show in 1971 and then made one of his final appearances on Doris’s TV special.

Overall- I’m grateful to have seen this film first- as it really got me into watching other Doris Day movies (btw my fave is The Thrill of it All 1963) – my regret is I waited until 2016 to watch it.

SEND ME NO FLOWERS- available on DVD and blu ray

(Pictures copied from, and TCM)

10 thoughts on “Doris Day Blogathon- Send Me No Flowers

  1. Michaela

    Love this movie! Day and Hudson were just the best, weren’t they? I wish they had made 100 movies together, haha! A lot of people think Send Me No Flowers is the weakest of their collaborations, and while I agree with that, it’s still a VERY fun film. Tony Randall’s scenes are just brilliant — he almost steals the whole film, in my opinion!

    Thanks for contributing this great post to my blogathon!


  2. atlantaloves

    Tony Randall really did walk off with that movie, he had the best lines, we use to say “Feel the Wood” all the time when I was a little kid. He plays the best drunk in the world. What a talent, so glad he had such a wonderful long life. I love all those Doris Day/Hudson films, have seen them all 100 times each I bet, and they are still enjoyable. Throw in a little Thelma Ritter and I am in hog heaven. That was a great post lady, thanks! 💋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. atlantaloves

      Just re-watched Pillow Talk for like the 100th time last night, and she was totally mad all the way through. You are so right! Fabulous. And, we got Thelma Ritter (ever the maid) getting Rock Hudson falling down drunk, Tony Randall trying to marry Doris. THE BEST!


  3. I love Rock Hudson as the hypochondriac – he is SO funny. As is Doris, of course. She’s delightful in this film.

    I just realized it’s been about 5-6 years since I last saw this, which means I have some delightful viewing ahead this weekend. 😉


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