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When it was announced there was going to be a blogathon to gush about your on screen crushes, I was super excited- I have absolutely no shortage of them- the only problem was I had a hard time choosing who to write about. So many characters, so many actors who portray them. Initially, I wanted to write about my first on screen crush- (Uncle) Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos) but I really wanted to focus on film crushes. So please note I could have written about lots of screen crushes and this is just a snippit of them.

After a deliberation, I decided to write about my on screen crushes for three very handsome, very sexy detectives! Mr. Nick Charles from The Thin Man films (played by William Powell) Mr. Mark McPherson from Laura (Dana Andrews) and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson from the TV series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (the amazing and devilishly handsome Mr. Nathan Page).

The first detective I have a crush on is Nick Charles. I first saw The Thin Man in 2014 and instantly fell in love with the film series! Nick Charles is a married and self proclaimed retired detective who loves three things- his dog Asta, martinis, and of course his loving wife, Nora. While Mr. Charles may be married it doesn’t stop me (and I’m sure a bunch of you) from having a crush on him. I mean lets be real- Nick Charles is husband material! He’s funny and has a great sense of humor, is playful with Nora, he’s a dog lover, can hold his alcohol like a gentlemen, has awesome Christmas parties (and dinner parties) AND he can solve murder mysteries– what gal doesn’t love all that! Plus- he’s stylish and suave!  And don’t even mention the way he dances —– SWOON!!!!


Up next- we have Mr. Mark McPherson, played by the super handsome Dana Andrews. (First viewing of Laura during TCM’s Summer of Darkness in 2015) For the record, let it be know that I could write up a whole post about Dana, as that’s how much I adore him. Dana Andrews is the perfect choice to play this character- and I just want to say that his face is perfectly sculpted by God to wear a fedora. Many can pull it off- and many actors from the golden age do- but few can actually *own it* like he does. What I love most about Mark McPherson is his willingness to protect Miss Laura Hunt- even when he thinks shes dead, even when he thinks she might be guilty- he stands by her and does everything in his power to clear her name- devotion at its finest. On the outside its clear Mark is a tough cop but when you look deeper hes really a softie- and isn’t that the best type? Too bad he only has one screen kiss in the film!

Last but by certainly no means least- I’m going to rant about my latest crush (crushing on him since May 2 2015) Detective Inspector Jack Robinson (Mr. Nathan Page) the leading man on the TV show Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries (Australian TV show that airs on the ABC in Australia. US viewers- Acorn TV or Netflix). I have a major crush on both the actor and the character but I will try to keep to the character for this post. However, I must write this- Jack’s potrayer Nathan Page is a wonderful actor, gentlemen and human being, and I have a lot of respect for him. He walked away from the professional world of cycling at age 19- one of his main reasons being he wanted to stay away from the drug culture associated with the sport (if he had kept going he wouldn’t have been able to do so)


Mr Nathan Page as Jack Robinson

Detective Inspector Jack Robinson is a middle class working man from Richmond, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, (Australia) He fought in WWI in France and was a newlywed when he went to war. Jack has an extremely high moral compass and never lets his personal feelings interfere with his work. Joining the police force young he had a head start and trained under his father in law George Sanderson. When Jack returned from war he was of course a changed man and as a result, separated from his wife soon after. He formally divorced Rosie Sanderson in late 1928, after 16 years of marriage (most of them in name only). What I love most about Jack Robinson (besides his looks) is that hes a complex man- someone who you really have to spend time with in order to get to know thoroughly. Hes devoted to his job and even though he feels he failed at his marriage- you would never guess it. He’s also able to suppress any feelings he has for the Hon. Miss Phryne Fisher – a hard thing for any man to do- but he does it perfectly.

With the woman who stole his heart.. Miss Phryne Fisher

In short Jack is a great character to get to know, and even after 34 episodes there’s still so much to learn about him. I speak for every Miss Fisher fan around the world when I say “I love Jack Robinson” and I hope he returns to all of our screens very soon.

And with that everyone, I thank you for reading this sampling of my screen crushes. So many more like Hal Carter (William Holden) in Picnic, or John Robie (Cary Grant) from To Catch a Thief, Killian Jones “Captain Hook” (Colin O’Donoghue) on Once Upon a Time, Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens)  and Tom Branson (Allen Leech) from Downton Abbey–  and don’t even get me started on girl crushes (the character of Miss Fisher herself, Dorothy Shaw (Jane Russell) in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Lisa Carol Freemont (Grace Kelly) in Rear Window the list goes on- but safe to say these three detectives are pretty high up on the list!

18 thoughts on “Reel Infatuation Blogathon- Three Sexy Detectives

  1. Three fabulous choices! Although I’m not (yet) familiar with Jack Robinson, you have sold me on this series.

    This is a brilliant post – I would not have thought to combine three detective crushes, and I enjoyed every word. Also, I completely agree that Dana Andrews was made for the fedora.

    Thanks for joining the blogathon, and for sharing these screen crushes! 🙂

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    1. The Flapper Dame

      I like the way his character was changed for the show- I have not read any novels due to that fact- Don’t know if I could handle Jack being different- as hes also described as being not handsome in the books

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      1. I love Phryne having a different lover every week, but like you, I adore Jack. The gender role reversal of his shyness and her boldness is refreshing and adorable. Season 4 should be quite interesting.

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  3. Good choices. Hey, is it permissible to mention that I have a powerful, long-term crush on Essie Davis/Phryne Fisher? My wife, by contrast, does have rather a soft spot for Nathan Page/Jack Robinson. And we both like Dot and Hugh.

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  4. Great choices!! I too have a huge crush on Nick Charles! Going, even so far to own a full set of “Nick & Nora” glasses–the martini glasses that we see in the first film. Also stumbled recently on Miss Fisher as well. Lord, it is addictive. Can’t believe she’s the same actress from the horrifying Babadook! Everyone on that show is fabulous!!


  5. What a fabulous trio! I love all of them, of course, but I’m particularly excited that you chose the character of Jack Robinson.
    Love the show, love the character, love the actor. Thanks for participating in the blogathon!


  6. No one can shake a martini like Nick Charles! I have been in love with William Powell for about six years now. It’s a testament to the power of film that Powell’s charisma transcends more than 80 years (!) to remain as potent today as it was in his hey-day. In addition to being head over heels for his Nick Charles characterization, I really am a sucker for his character in “Jewel Robbery”, a film he did while under contract to Warner Brothers. Suffice it to say, he is a charming jewel thief who seduces the married Kay Francis, absconds with her jewels, & persuades her to leave her marriage to run away with him. I used to watch “How to Marry a Millionaire” solely for Marilyn Monroe. After watching it a couple of dozen times, I finally paid attention to Powell who I overlooked before. He’s as dashing as a silver fox nearing the end of his film career as he is back in the 1930s. He is the personification of the word charming to me, and I notice that in all his films. Thanks for your fun post!


  7. Sharing your crush for all three detectives! I had to skip the last part of post in case of spoilers (I just started watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries after recommendations from my Tweeps), but I’m already developing a liking for Detective Robinson. 😉

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  8. Nick Charles rocks! Powell also played detective Philo Vance in four films, but Nick is more iconic and easier to fall in love with.
    Oh, and I’ve been meaning to start watching Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries. Maybe I’ll do it this vacation!
    Don’t forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! 🙂


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  10. maddylovesherclassicfilms

    Three excellent choices. I have never seen Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, but I keep getting told that I should. I think I need to check it out now so that I can see this Jack Robinson for myself. 🙂

    Nick Charles is an absolute darling. He is like the ideal man. William Powell plays that role to perfection.

    Mark is a great example of the tough guy who is actually a real softie. Dana Andrews was one fine looking man too!


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